The Triple Crown of Gravel – BC’s Premier Gravel Fondo Series

What is the Triple Crown of Gravel

It is a 3 race Gravel Fondo Series that showcases the best Gravel Riding in BC

What type of Bike is Appropriate for Gravel?

The most common bike at the event these days are Gravel or Cyclo-Cross bikes. There are some who participate with some road bikes and mtn bikes, hybrids or touring bikes. Just so you know suspension mtn bikes are not really needed for the event. However much wider tires with less air (compared to road bikes) do make the ride much more comfortable and offer more traction and of course Disc brakes sure do help on the descents. (Please Note: There will be more of this relevant bicycle information on the FAQ page)

How it started?

Back in 2013 we were researching cycling events and came upon gravel bike events at the time commonly referred to as Gravel Grinders taking place in the US. Upon research we found an event in Washington State and went down with a few riding buddies and did it. Back then we were on cyclecross bikes with skinny tires and rim brakes and not great gearing. Nevertheless the event was super fun despite challenging weather conditions. We were hooked on this new type of racing! So now we had to find a place to put on one in BC. The iconic KVR Trail from Penticton to Kelowna seemed the logical best place to start. Thus the first event in the series The KETTLE METTLE DIRTY FONDO was started in 2014.

The Triple Crown of Gravel was the highlight of our summer. We loved the locations and the racing and met so many wonderful people. The TRI 1 events team was great and the courses were beautiful, such a great way to see BC and its extraordinary scenery. The format of the races is wonderful and accessible to every level of rider.  We look forward to seeing you next year. Tom Bassett, Ketchum, Idaho USA

Cowichan Crusher Medio Fondo pic