About the Triple Crown of Gravel Series

What is The Triple Crown of Gravel?

The Triple Crown of Gravel is a Gravel Fondo series taking place in British Columbia. The focus of the series is to promote 3 of the best regions of BC’s amazing gravel riding with great courses. Each event has different distances for all skill and fitness levels.

Cowichan Crusher pic

What is a Gravel Fondo

It’s a bike race or bike ride taking place primarily on gravel and dirt with at least 85% on gravel / dirt and less then 15% on pavement

What We Do

At Tri 1 Events we put on great events but more specifically Great Sporting Events with a history of putting on well executed and creative events with great atmosphere and tons of fun!

Our Experience

We pioneered the Gravel Fondo or Gravel Grinder in Western Canada starting with Kettle Mettle back on 2014. We put all that knowledge and history of Gravel Riding and Gravel experience event into our Triple Crown of Gravel.

At Tri 1 Events we have a great team of experienced professionals. We have been putting on events for over 20 years and have put on sporting events like running races and triathlons.
The founder/owner Dean Stanton has a history of participating in events for over 40+ years.
As well he has been involved in production of events for over 20.
He has been hired to work on many events in the Greater Vancouver Area.
He was also hired as the Race Director for the 2009 World Police and Fire Games Triathlon in Maple Ridge.